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Encore: Building Rapport with Others and Yourself with Mike Mandel

April 15, 2021

Real connection with another human being comes from being in rapport. You may have heard the term before, but in this episode we dive deep into how to be in rapport with others and with yourself ... something you may not have heard about before. Learn how pyscho-dynamic loops can improve your communication and connection with others.

We are joined by Mike Mandel again to go deep and provide you with some practical tools you can use today.

Mike Mandel single handedly reinvented the persona of the stage hypnotist, rescuing it from its tacky beginnings and giving it rock star appeal. Widely regarded as the world’s greatest hypnotist, Mike Mandel has 18 nominations and 6 awards for excellence in entertainment. In June 2000 he was presented with the COCA Hall of Fame Award, previously won by Sarah McLaughlin, the Tragically Hip and Jim Carrey.

Mike is a qualified trainer of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and is affiliated with NLPWorks, who offer Canada’s most complete NLP training. He teaches advanced Ericksonian hypnosis both via online training and in a live classroom in Toronto, the hypnotic world epicenter. He affectionately refers to his students as hypnotic storm riders across the world. You can learn more about Mike at:

To watch Mike's keynote speech at Hypnoses Though 2019 (referenced in this episode), visit:

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